CH-CG01 [Circular Grain Knitting Machine]

Model/Item No. : CH-CG01

Origin : Taiwan

Product Specifications/Features :

1. Application: suitable for all kinds of yarns, pure
   cotton, synthetic yarn and blended fabrics
2. Function: grain cap, indoor socks, scarves, cuff, etc.
   It can be developed according to customers’ demands.
3. Features: the machine possesses excellent design, solid
   structure and easy operation for beginners. When the
   needle or yarn breaks or the collecting cylinder is
   filled, the electronic sensor device can stop machine
   from running and cut power immediately so as to reduce
   the waste of material and power.
4. Cylinder diameter: 5 ~ 12″
5. Gauge: under 10G
6. Number of needle: it can be appointed at the request of
7. Power: 1/2 HP (the voltage and frequency of motor can be
   appointed at the request of customer)
8. Feeder: 2F
9. Color scheme: 4 colors
10. R.P.M: 60 ~ 120
11. Space occupied: 90 x 110 cm
12. Height: 290cm
13. Capacity:
    . Grain cap: 30 doz/8h
    . Indoor socks: 24 doz/8h
    . Scarves: 11 doz/8h
14. Cuff black: 400 pcs/8hours
15. Cuff blue: 4800″/8 hours


Primary Competitive Advantages:
. Well and High Quality Control
. Prompt Delivery


Safety/Quality Approvals:
. CE
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